mardi, mai 23, 2017


Maine Becomes the Northeast Trade Gateway

Provide Economic Opportunity & Vitality to Maine, the Maritimes & Quebec

Develop A Long-Term Transportation, Utility &
Communications Corridor

Improve Connections to US & Canadian Heartland & Atlantic Ports
Develop Demonstration Pre-Clearance Border Crossings

Why It Is Important To Maine

Improves Connectivity of Central US, Canada & Maritimes to Europe & Asia

Attracts Additional Investments in Maine’s Rural

Reduces Travel Time & Carbon Footprint

Improves Utility Transmission & Communications

Revitalizes Maine’s Ports & Rail Systems

Creates Long Term Jobs & Expands Tax Base

Improves Access for Maine Tourism

About The Corridor

Approximately 220 Miles, 500 ft wide (Calais to Coburn Gore)

Avoids Negative Impacts On Communities

Maximizes Utilization of Existing Right-of-Ways

Privately Funded, Owned & Operated. Constructed & Maintained by Maine People & Maine Companies. Policed by Maine Law Enforcement Agencies.

Allows Canadian Weight Limits & Tandem Trailers

Will NOT Utilize Eminent Domain for Land Acquisition

Six Currently Planned Interchanges:
Calais, I-95, Rt 15, Rt 23, Rt 201, Rt 16/27
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