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Cianbro CEO Pete Vigue Responds to Proposal to Postpone East-West Highway Study

Aug 13

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While traveling this week, Cianbro CEO Pete Vigue is keeping abreast of the developments regarding the request by Sen. Doug Thomas to postpone the independent investment grade East-West Highway study until more information is available on the highway proposal.

"We were supportive when the legislature put forward the idea to create an independent investment grade study on the proposed highway, and we continue to support the legislature's decisions on plans to move ahead with the study," said Vigue.  "If the legislature or the Maine Department of Transportation feels that they do not have enough information about the highway proposal at this time to move ahead toward a useful independent investment grade study, then we support putting off the study until the necessary information has been gathered.  As I have stated throughout my public information tours across the state, many of the details of the proposal are still being worked out, such as the exact route of the proposed right of way.  We continue to work diligently to determine the most beneficial and least disruptive route for the proposed highway and we are making good progress, though the proposed right of way and many other factors are incomplete at this time.  It makes sense for the legislature and the Department of Transportation to slow down the efforts to complete an independent investment grade study until all the information is available."     

Vigue is also responding to Sen. Thomas' decision to pre-file a bill to ensure that no private entity will be able to take land by eminent domain.  "I have stated on numerous occasions that we would not utilize eminent domain to build this private highway, and that eminent domain is not the way that Cianbro operates with regard to our fellow citizens and the communities in which we work.  If Sen. Thomas feels it is necessary to draft additional safeguards to ensure that the principle is understood for the EW Highway proposal or any other proposal, we have no objections."  

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