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“Citizens Offer Feedback After Pete Vigue’s East West Highway Presentation in Dover Foxcroft on 5/31/12”

Jun 11

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“Mr Vigue,
My husband and I attended the informational meeting which you conducted at Foxcroft Academy last week. We thought you did a fantastic job in getting the info out there and you explained every aspect about the East-West Corrider in a way that everyone could and should understand. However, we want to apologize to you for the disrespectful, unruly crowd that was there. These people were there for one reason only that we could see, and that was to cause as much dissension as possible. They don't understand nor do they WANT to understand how benificial this highway will be to the future of this state. We hope you do not get discouraged and we hope you, Senator Thomas and others who are involved in this endeavor will continue on until it all comes to fruition. We are with your efforts 100% and we wish you success. God Bless!” - DOVER

“Mr. Vigue provided an excellent presentation at Foxcroft Academy last night and handled himself very well in the midst of a "tough" crowd.  I found the evening very informational on both sides of the issue. I agree wholeheartedly that something must be done to stop the "downward spiral" of the northern Maine economy.  I grew up and have lived most of my life in the Monson/Dover-Foxcroft area and am heartbroken when I see business after business close their doors on the main streets of those towns.  Most recently Mr. Paperback in Dover.  I understand  some of the concern of the opposition but feel they are not looking towards the future.  I have visited East Africa many times and I see similarities to the main streets of their towns and some of our towns.  Once thriving business now abandoned and the buildings falling into decay.  People leaving family homes to find jobs elsewhere.  I don't want my hometown to become a desolate, abandoned shell of its former self.  Kudos to Mr. Vigue for taking the initiative to do something because if we do nothing, that is what will be left of these small communities; nothing.” - DOVER

“Dear Mr. Vigue,

 I felt the need to write a note, first of all to thank you for coming to Dover Foxcroft to allow us to hear your side of the EastWest.  I believe that the only way that you can learn is by hearing all sides.
Regardless of how I feel about the highway and to be honest I have not decided yet, I feel that you did the best you could explaining.  My issues are with the rudeness of some of the groups (and I use the term loosely) of "Hollow Middle"
and them yelling out while you were talking.  I have already talked to people who left because of them.
We all feel the same, that you need to hear both sides.  Adults know that talking over someone does not promote answers. 
I have always felt that your company has done well by the State of Maine.  I applaud your comments of "if you have a better idea please tell me"  Its seems to me that there are always those who will yell the loudest but when asked for a solution it is the "you could hear a pin drop" answer. Once again, thank you for your time.” – ABBOT

“Just a note to thank Peter Vigue for his presentation at Foxcroft Acad. on the 31st. The presentation was excellent and questions were well attended to. As a former teacher I watched my school district dwindle from 8 schools to two, from 1200 students to less than 800 over an eight year period.  I never expect to benefit directly from the proposed highway, but it's a road we need to travel to give our children a chance to stay at home. Thank you for your foresight and very thick skin, Peter.” - DOVER

“I applaud Peter for coming out volunarily to discuss the project.  For the record I am neutral at the moment and learning from both sides.  Peter did an excellent job stating the hard facts about the decline of this region that most residents do not want to face, think about, admit, or solve.  It is far easier to complain about an issue than solve an issue.  The opposition from what I can see thusfar has no answer to resolve our economic siutuation, nor do I see it as a front burner issue that they are concerned with resolving.  I personally do not think some of the most vocal critics understand the struggles of blue collar folks who would benefit from any job.  It is very easy to armchair quarterback when one is on personally on sound financial footing.”  - DOVER

“Mr. Peter Vigue,  First let me apologize for my fellow citizens in Piscataquis County, we are usually very polite.  Secondly, not everyone in our area is against your proposal and wish it would have been done 20 years ago. Thirdly, I appreciated and respected your direct approach to those whose rude and impolite remarks marred what should have been an open discussion.  I help with the largest food cupboard in Piscataquis County with over 400-500 families on our roles and know first hand our area is slowly dying.  We have three major employers: the school system, Charlotte White and the hospital, they cannot sustain our future.The Dover-Foxcroft area desperately needs this highway, though at this present time they may not fully realize it.  God Bless you Mr. Vigue and together maybe we can see this endeavor happen in our lifetime, it is long overdue.” -  DOVER

“ I was unable to attend the meeting last night in Dover but I wanted to reach out to you and thank you for your efforts in helping Maine people.  I want to encourage you to keep up the good fight for what is right for our state both economically and environmentally.    I know it must be difficult dealing with the negativity that comes with people's naivety.   I just wanted to send out some quick words of encouragement for you to keep on working for this and to not let the negativity get to you.  I am proud of you and Cianbro for what you have done for our state already and I commend you on the efforts you are putting forth in the East West Highway idea.” - DOVER   

“First, I thought that Mr. Vigue did an outstanding job at Foxcroft Academy in D-F last night. Second, I am on board with your plan and support it in my conversations with friends, many of whom are opposed or on the fence.It just makes good sense. Anything that Cianbro does will be well thought through and done right!” – PARKMAN

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